Jade Cottage Cafe

Come and experience wonderful service and food!



Cold Drinks Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, grape, orange, ginger ale and root beer $2.25  Ovaltine, Chocolate milk or Thai tea $2.50  

Hot Drinks  Pot of Tea for 1 $2.65 For 2 $3.00 Ovaltine, Chocolate, Thai coffee, Thai tea, Green tea and brown rice, Barley tea, Ginger tea, Mint tea, Black tea, Earl Gray tea or Maxwell House coffee $2.50

Specialty Drinks  Tropical Ice Tea, Sweet-Unsweet Tropical Lemonaid, Green tea and brown rice, Jasmine tea, Barley tea, Wild  Green iced tea or Strong Green Oolong tea. Thai iced tea (regular or green) or Thai iced coffee $3.00


                                    All drinks come with one free refill during your meal.



Mango & Sweet Rice  Topped with Sweet Coconut Cream. $2.50

Tapioca  $2.50 each.  

Pan-Dan  Thai Pudding Top with Coconut Cream $2.50

Mochi Ice-cream  Mango, Green Tea, Red Bean, Strawberry or Chocolate.  $2.50 each