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Any Lunch or Dinner Entrée, ordered without meat, is priced $1.00 less than stated.


1.Gang Panang  (An original Thai dish) Stir-fried spicy Panang curry.  Made with rich coconut milk, vegetables, chili, garlic, galangal, lime peel, cumin and fresh lime leaves - served over white rice. Choice of Pork, Chicken, Beef or Tofu$14.50 with shrimp $16.50 

 2.Thai Curry  (Thai) Red spicy Thai curry. Made with rich coconut milk, Thai basil, and vegetables - served over white rice. Pork, Chicken, Beef or Tofu.$14.50 with shrimp $16.50

3.Tom Yum  (A famous Thai dish) Hot and sour (soup is a meal) Made with fresh lemon grass, lime juice, mushrooms and cilantro served over white rice. Pork or Chicken$14.50 with shrimp $16.50.

4.Spicy Ginger Sesame (Thai) Thin slices of pork, chicken (all white meat), beef or shrimps, stir-fried in hot chili oil. Made with celery, carrots, onions and fresh ginger – served over white rice. Pork, Chicken, Beef or Tofu. $14.50 with shrimp $16.50.

5.Pad Thai   (A very famous Thai Dish) Rice stick noodles, stir-fried with green onions, snow peas, bean sprouts, toasted peanuts, fresh lime and cilantro. Pork, Chicken, Beef or Tofu. $14.50 with shrimp $16.50

6. Yaki Soba  (A wonderful Japanese dish – highly recommended) – U Don noodles, stir-fried with cabbage, green onions, bean sprouts and sobar sauce. Topped with Nori Bonito and toasted sesame seed. A non-spicy dish. Pork, Chicken, Beef or Tofu. $16.00 with shrimp $18.00

7.U-Don Stir-fry  (Japanese) Famous Fat noodles, stir-fried with fresh broccoli, cauliflowers, onions, celery, bamboo shoots, snow peas, carrots, in soba sauce. Pork, Chicken, Beef or Tofu. $16.50 with shrimp $18.50.

8.Yellow Curry  (Great Thai dish) Blending herbs between Thai spices and Indian spices especially yellow turmeric spices which bring great  aroma. Cooked with light coconut milk, potato and pineapples. Served over rice. Pork, chicken or beef. $14.50 with shrimp $16.50.

9.Panang Satay (Thai healthy dish) Stir-fried panang curry with broccoli, cauliflower, onions, carrots and bamboo shoots. Pork, Chicken or Beef. Served over rice. $14.50 with shrimp $16.50

10.Tofu Delight  we turn boring soy beans into a delightful, and great meal stir-fried with fresh broccoli, cauliflower, onions, bamboo shoots, celery, carrots in our special sauce. Healthy food served over rice. $14.50

11.Ramein Chow Stir-fried fresh broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, snow peas, celery, bamboo shoots. Pork, Chicken or Beef. $14.50 with shrimp $16.50

12. Seafood Noodles  With silken tofu, shrimp, clams, mussels, tilapia, mushrooms, scallions, and radish. $17.50

13.Pho Vietnamese or Thai Soup  it is a meal with a choice of thin or thick Rice noodles in a special broth. Simmering with bean sprouts and scallions with choice of Beef, Pork, Chicken, Meat Balls or Fish Balls. $14.50 with shrimp $16.50

14.Szechwan Zet Stir-fried bell peppers, onions, celery, bambooshoot, dry tomato, and water chestnuts served over rice. Choice of Chicken, Beef, or Pork. $14.50 with shrimp $16.50.

15.Jap Chea  (Korean) Stir-fried Oriental wheat clear noodles. Made with Julianne carrots, green onions, celery, black mushrooms and our special sauce. A non-spicy dish.  Pork, chicken, Beef or Tofu. $14.50 with shrimp $16.50

16.Sea Food Mix  Cuttle fish, squid wing strip, shrimps, mussels, octopus slice. Contains shell fish, stir-fried in seafood sauce, pepper paste, onions, bell peppers and mushrooms. Served with rice.  (16 ozs.of sea food). $17.00

17.Kimchi Stew: Cooked in our savory and spicy homemade kimchi.Choice of Pork, Chicken, Beef, or Tofu.  fish Balls, Meat Balls come with rice. $14.50 with shrimp $16.50.

18.Masaman Thai Curry Smooth yellow curry in rich coconut milk. Pinch of toasted peanuts, soybean chili, tamarind, lemongrass, coriander seed, cumin, cardamon, bay leaves, galangal, clover kaffinlime. Great with potato - or your choice of other vegetable. Pork, Chicken or Beef. $14.50 with shrimp $16.50.

19.General Tso:   Stir-Fried  crispy chunk breaded chicken with broccoli, onion, water chestnut, carrot, toasted seasame, over white rice$14.50

20.Tom Kai  (Thai) Hot and Sour Coconut Milk Soup - made with fresh chili, lemon grass, lime juice, fish sauce, onions, mushrooms and cilantro. Served with white rice.   Pork, Chicken, Beef or Tofu. $14.50 with shrimp $16.50

21.Fried Rice  Stir-fried rice with carrots,  green onions, peas, bell peppers, and egg. Pork, Chicken, or Beef. $14.50 with shrimp $16.50

22.Green Thai Curry  (Thai) Green spicy curry - coconut milk and Thai basil. Vegetable: bitter lemon, or bamboo shoots, or Thai eggplant. Served with white rice.   Pork, Chicken, Beef or Tofu.$14.50 with shrimp $16.50

23.Bulgogi  (Korean) Choice of Pork, Chicken, or Beef, marinated in a special sauce, stir-fried with green onions, celery, carrots, sesame – served over white rice. $14.50 with shrimp $16.50.

24.Pepper Steak  Sirloin Beef - stir-fried with bell peppers, onions and bamboo shoots in a rich mushroom sauce.Served with white rice. $17.00

25.Labb  (Thai steak cuisine – great as appetizer or meal) Healthy food and tastes so yummy!! Grilled flat iron steak, cooked to order, and cut into thin slices, then marinated with fresh Thai chilli, all fresh ingredients – tomatoes, scallions, cilantro, lemongrass and fish sauce, with toasted ground sweet rice, mint or Thai basil. Served with a side order of crispy lettuce and rice. $17.00

26.Grilled Chicken Teriyaki  with steamed, mixed vegetables sautéed with sesame seeds and sesame oil. Teriyaki sauce on the side. $14.50

27.Drunk Noodles   Stir-fried Thick Rice Noodles With Bok Choy,Onions, Bam Boo Shoots Choice of Pork , Chicken ,Beef. $14.50 with shrimp $16.50

28.Broccoli Stir-Fried  Sliced Pork, Chicken, Beef, or Tofu sautéed with broccoli in brown garlic sauce. Served over rice. $14.50 with shrimp $16.50

29.Stir-Fried Noodles  with cabbage, celery and carrots. Pork or Chicken. $14.50 with shrimp $16.50.